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PureTek’s Contract Manufacturing Services

Your health and wellness contract manufacturer needs to do more than make the product. Brands like yours need a reliable manufacturer like PureTek Corporation to help design, develop, manufacture, and fulfill their product runs efficiently and consistently.

PureTek Corporation offers a wide selection of contract manufacturing services that can help your company with product strategy, development, testing, manufacturing, and logistics. Our executive team has over 150 years of combined experience in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries, so we know exactly what it takes to get your product initiatives developed and ready for market.

Contract Manufacturer Services Lab

Our Contract Manufacturing Services

If you have a product related to the health and wellness industry, we can help you develop, manufacture, and deliver it. We offer all of the following services to our clients:

R&D and Product Engineering

Our R&D lab assists our clients with the invention of new and innovative products. We can emulate formulas that match or exceed the benefits of a competitor’s product. When you want to quickly bring a product to market in a hot segment, our R&D lab is your best choice for the job.

Current trends can drive the market, causing consumers to look for specific ingredients in their health and wellness products. Equally important are the ingredients that your products do not contain (such as paraben and Prop 65 non-compliant products). Our R&D lab can design or modify your formulations to match these trends and requirements.

Our product engineers also specialize in analyzing and redesigning formulations to help make them as efficient as possible for its intended purpose or effect. We’ll advise you of any unnecessary ingredients or extra steps in your current manufacturing process, all with a goal of reducing costs, waste, and time to market.

Our R&D Department includes 8 bench chemists and formulators in a 2,000 square foot lab filled with state of the art equipment for blending, filling, testing and evaluating your products.

Process Validations

Our contract manufacturing services include process validation, where we create and validate our production processes to ensure a consistent result with every batch. Your customers expect consistency from the brands they trust most. We deliver on those expectations by creating repeatable processes that are consistent every time.

Our process validation service is backed by our in-house R&D, testing and quality assurance groups, and give you verifiable results with the products we manufacture for you. We test and improve the manufacturing process so we can deliver the high quality products your customers expect.

Manufacturing Process Validation

Lab Testing

Your customers expect performance and consistency in your brand’s products, and it’s PureTek’s responsibility is to make sure that happens with every jar, bottle, tube or spray we produce. Our testing processes meet or exceed those required by our clients in order to assure that each product does what it is supposed to do, and that the purity, potency, and composition of your products is exactly to spec.

Contract Manufacturing Lab Testing

PureTek’s contract manufacturing services include lab testing from start to finish.

  • Incoming raw material testing for both identity and composition
  • In-process quality control testing. All batches are tested to ensure that they meet established specifications.
  • Microbiological testing of all finished goods.
  • Finished Product quality assurance checks.
  • Assay testing where applicable.
  • High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) testing on site
  • Certificate of Analysis for all completed batches

Our lab testing services provide you with the accurate results you need to verify the effectiveness and potency of your products.

Packaging and Labeling

Generally speaking, contract manufacturers can package the products they make. But PureTek has an uncommonly broad packaging ability for the types of products that we make. Some manufacturers can only fill liquids into bottles. PureTek also fill liquids into tubes, pouches and other containers. We have similar flexibility with all of our product types and packages.

Sometimes product innovation is in the formula, and other times it’s in the packaging and dosing. Let PureTek help you make the product you envision. Whatever form your product takes, our contract manufacturing services give us the ability to put it into every appropriate package.

Packaging and Labeling

Shipping and Handling and Order Fulfillment

Our facility has an 80,000 square foot warehouse with eight shipping bays that is capable of handling all of your logistical needs. That means once your products are made and packaged, our primary aim is to get them to you as quickly as possible. From concept to order fulfillment, we do it all.

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Our comprehensive contract manufacturing services allow us to take your products from idea to shipped better and faster than other contract manufacturers. Companies like yours have relied on us since 1991. Call PureTek today at (818) 837-5880 if you are interested in developing, contract manufacturing, and shipping a product in the health and wellness industries. We have the necessary experience to streamline the development, manufacturing, and logistics processes.